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Border Crisis: A Psychoanalyst and Filmmaker Confront Family Separations

July 1, 2020

Listen in to the inspiring conversation with psychologist/psychoanalyst, Dr. Spyros Orfanos, and award-winning documentary filmmaker, Ellen Goosenberg Kent. Our guests explore the intersections of their work with refugees, asylum seekers, and those enduring family separation. Both take you into the heart of their encounters with this difficult issue. This episode… Read more

Adolescents Falling: What Grownups Don’t See

June 17, 2020

Episode Description Listen in to our continuing conversation with psychologist/psychoanalyst, Dr. Ken Corbett, and award-winning literary fiction writer, Susan Choi. Our guests take us behind the scenes of the stories told in their recent books. Through spirited discussion, they expand our perspectives on the ways in which adults can and… Read more

Adolescent Outsider Stories

June 10, 2020

Episode Description Esteemed psychologist and psychoanalyst, Dr. Ken Corbett, and award-winning literary fiction writer, Susan Choi, in an exploration of each other’s work, discuss how feeling like an outsider in adolescence can deeply affect choice. Through their writing, they illuminate how the struggle to repair a damaged sense of self… Read more


June 3, 2020

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Restoring Reality: Part 2

May 20, 2020

Esteemed activists Drs. Robert Jay Lifton and Stephen Soldz return to expand on their ideas from Part 1 in order to map the undercurrents of the ongoing pandemic. With depth and compassion, our guests share their hard-earned wisdom in order to help us recover a sense of hope and sanity… Read more

Restoring Reality: Part 1

May 6, 2020

Renowned activists Drs. Robert Jay Lifton and Stephen Soldz share the wisdom that they have gained while fighting to expose malignancy in political and social institutions. From nuclearism to APA-sanctioned torture, from Trumpism to the destruction of the political order, our guests have confronted, exposed, and brought change to the… Read more

Episode 0: Trailer

March 1, 2020

Listen in on revealing conversations between psychoanalysts and public figures about social issues facing the world today. Co-hosts, Dr. Billie Pivnick and Dr. Romy Reading invite artists, scientists, social scientists, and community activists to share the ways that their personal experiences have led them to political, social, or creative action.… Read more